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pot_carnival's Journal

A Prince of Tennis Fanfiction and Art exchange com
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Welcome to POT Carnival!
POT carnival is a Fic/Art exchange and contest community for Prince of Tennis fans.

If you came here, that means three things:

1. You love Prince of Tennis.

2. You have a heart of gold.

3. You love fanfiction and art related to Prince of Tennis

This is where one and all are sure to benefit, one way or another, and a place for you to express your love for Tenipuri through the great art of giving.(Yes, this part was stolen from Tenipuri secret benefactors, I liked the wording.)

I plan to have exchanges for Christmas, and a themed exchange for the beginning of the summer. Please see the post on exchanges for more information.

So far there are no mods. If you want to be a mod, send an e-mail to firerose1300@yahoo.com.

I'm sorry it looks so boring. I need help with html for the bio and someone to make a header. Anyone who can help please send an e-mail to firerose1300@yahoo.com